0260 West Hampstead Mansion Block Garden Apartment, NW6


We completed this full refurbishment of this ground floor apartment which has four bedrooms and a sunny rear garden in the centre of West Hampstead in 2017.

This ground floor lateral apartment in central West Hampstead has got four bedrooms and a cosy rear garden.  Even though it is located on the ground floor of a multi storey residential building, it is surprisingly quiet. It has been kept in a good condition by its previous owners, however our clients wanted to put their own stamp on it.

Freeholder application

Since this time we didn’t propose any external changes, no planning application was required. We did however agree the internal changes with the freeholder.

During the refurbishment, we opened up the rear part between the kitchen and living room. This allowed us to bring in more light into these areas. We achieved this by using two steel box frames side by side. Secondly, we created one more ensuite and one of the existing two bathrooms also became an ensuite to the front guest bedroom. All floors were changed to new engineered boards, with good underlay.

Since the beginning we wanted to keep the existing internal doors. Since building control allowed us to do this, it was an easy choice. Towards the end of the project, as it often happens in these kinds of refurbishments, we realised that the previously good looking doors looked older now that they were set in a surrounding full of new and straight elements.

All windows to the front have been replaced with like for like new double glazed windows. Thanks to this, the apartment is now even quieter inside than before. This property is located next to one of West Hampstead most busiest roads, but once you are inside, it does not feel like this at all.

Mondrian’s colours

The main theme for this apartment is following Mondrian’s favourite colours – yellow, red, green and blue. The white handleless kitchen has a bright yellow worktop against a red wall in the kitchen and dining area. It is not often that we can order this worktop colour or ask the contractor to paint a wall in bright red. As surprised as they were at the beginning, it was nice to hear that they very much liked the idea at the end as well.

The living room feature wall with the contemporary marble fire place and large book section has the green colour. The master bedroom featured a blue wall behind the headboard.


Since our clients downsized from a house, several book cases were created to house their impressive collection of books. All built in joinery items were made in London. To reduce costs and secondly also to not let the joinery itself be too overpowering, we decided to use white as their main colour. The walls were mostly painted in off-white or light grey colour which also helped this contrast.


This is our first apartment we completed in this building, this is the second one – 1123 West Hampstead Apartment, NW6


  • VORBILD Stages 1, 2, 3, 4,, 6 plus coordinating the structural design and building control process
  • Freeholder permission from Chomeley Gardens for the internal alterations and new windows was required
  • Total project duration 11 months, 5 months on site















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