Pre-application advice and submission

Pre-application advice and submission service provides a thorough investigation of proposed changes to a property, and outlines available options to help to determine the best route to achieve the desired outcome.  We provide professional advice and guidance right from the start, to save money and time during the planning process.

This service is predominantly for developers, however, it is also useful for homeowners’ speculative proposals, as a pre-application application is not published online by the councils.

We recognise that when making investment decisions, speed and clarity of the planning process is very important.  In accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), we place an emphasis on early engagement and aim to work with applications in a positive and proactive way.

We encourage pre-application discussions with applicants, agents, developers and interested parties.  The pre-application service for applications is subject to a fee, which will vary depending on the type of application and officer’s time required.

Pre-application advice and submission


Pre-application advice and submission

Our service includes :

  • a visit and a consultation to discuss the proposal,
  • an assessment of the property, surroundings and planning history of the site and its neighbouring properties,
  • a review of local and national planning policy and guidance, local laws and case law relevant to the proposal.

We submit a pre-application to the Local Planning Authority on Clients’ behalf to negotiate and secure written feedback from the council before a full planning application is made.

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