Design during the time of COVID

Design during the time of COVID

Since we were all confronted by a new reality due to COVID-19 and started to deal with it, if we like it or not. We started thinking about how to adapt and how to offer our services during this trying time. Design during the time of COVID is different.

Meeting clients

Thankfully we were as every year blessed with very flexible and understanding clients. Like most other practices, we embraced new ways of meeting and communicating with our clients and suppliers alike – Teams, Zoom and VR.


With the support of the Government, our building sites remained open for most part of the year. Just one of them has been shut down. We had to adapt to all new problems. First came material shortages, noise issues as our neighbors simply couldn’t leave their homes. This was accompanied by social distancing on-site – to name the main ones. Last not least, a key problem is for some of our clients faced which were overall reduced budgets and more cautious spending.


Moving forward

We are and will continue to promote more flexible uses of spaces at home, so our clients can transform their bedroom into a study, office or gym if they like to, without having to call in a builder.

It is also prudent to look at using the right materials. For example (wall)paper retains viruses on its surface for only 4-6 hours, whereas stainless steel, though much easier to clean, allows for viruses to stay active for around half a week.


Writing this part in summer 2021, when “freedom day” is drawing closer. I’m happy to say we seem to have avoided major issues since this pandemic started and are thrilled to have been able to work all the way through, with little signs of slowing down.



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