Feng shui consultation

A good Feng Shui Master will use their skills to help people to achieve a better lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you balance health and relationships, wealth will follow. This is where our customised Feng Shui consultation comes in.

We offer a complete and in depth Feng Shui consultation and interior design based on this ancient art. It all starts with a personal on-site visit and Feng Shui consultation for your home. Feng shui guidelines are very helpful at the earliest design stage, while the draft layouts are being considered.  Since we are working on a project’s design from start to finish, we can ensure that the agreed key elements are not accidentally lost in the process, and our clients can benefit. Our design philosophy is always to design “from the inside out”.

Feng shui consultation

Feng shui consultation


Feng shui consultation

Feng Shui is a science and art of buildings, land, and their effects on health, wealth, relationship’s, career, business and an overall harmony in your life. Many books have referred to it as the “art of placement”. We believe that all you need is a couple of pieces of furniture with round edges. This helps you to clear all your clutter and the money comes rolling in and romance blooms. There is some truth in this but it only plays a very small part. Feng Shui is a science and art that Masters in Asia spend a lifetime learning and their journey never ends.

The goal is to balance your whole life as opposed to concentrating on just one aspect. We do focus on areas that you or we consider need enhancing. Feng Shui is about creating a harmony and balance in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you are a single person living in a one bedroom flat or a family living in a large house. You need a perfect balance and with a good Feng Shui consultation you can achieve this.

Avoid the Living Room in the Center of the House

A feng shui living room will not be located in the center of the house. Along with the feng shui guidelines for two exterior walls in the living room, this rule is to maintain optimal, healthy flow of qi. If the living room is housed in the depth of the house, energy can’t easily reach it; the flow stalls and eventually stops because it has to pass through too many other rooms before reaching the living room.

Well Lit & Ventilated

The feng shui living room, due to its connection with external walls, will be naturally well-lit. In fact, the space will ideally receive plenty of sunlight. In addition to the natural light through windows on exterior walls, a feng shui living room will be well ventilated because of the windows’ capacity to open and keep fresh air flowing. This freshness is a key component of feng shui – vitality and health.

No Direct Facing Doors

In the feng shui living room, doors will not directly face or open up into other doors. This creates a tunnel effect for all energy, and the rest of the space will fail to benefit from any flowing qi or restful energy.

Modest Doors & Windows

The feng shui living room will have exterior walls (and hopefully windows) and a door or two, but it should be noted that the ideal location for the living room avoids too many windows and more than two doors. This is because having too many doors and windows into/out of the living room creates somewhat of a chaotic qi current that is unsettling and even damaging to those in the living room.

Sufficient Accommodation

While there are often few adjustments you can make to the actual size of your living room, it should never be too small to comfortably accommodate the entire family. Preferably, the feng shui living room will hold additional guests with ease and grace, also. When a living room is on the larger side, positive qi energy can enter and move in and around the room for a whole-room restorative experience.

Roomy & Comfortable

The feng shui living room, no matter what its actual physical size, feels roomy and comfortable. This has less to do with the living room’s footprint and everything to do with the layout of the furnishings within the space.

Maintain Pathways

In a feng shui living room, natural and architectural pathways will be maintained by optimum furniture placement. Obviously, a chair that sticks out into an inherent walkway through the living room will become a safety hazard. More than that, though, that same chair’s blockage stunts and thwarts the attempts of energy to flow freely and positively throughout the living room.

Strategic Fireplace

To the extent possible, install your living room fireplace strategically. A northeast fireplace aids in calm and collected thinking, as well as fortunate education. A south and southwest fireplace enhances romance and love. In fact, the whole south side of your living room will benefit from your use of red, pink, orange, and green hues, according to the feng shui bagua.

Reflect the Landscape

For the feng shui living room that benefits from a beautiful landscape view you need to format the furniture in such a way that the view can be appreciated from all parts of the living room. Consider hanging a mirror so that it reflects the landscape for those who, seated, may not be able to appreciate the view in person. A natural view is a sure way to enhance the positive energy of a space.

Please have a look at our other specialised services, like biophilic interior design, landscaping design or colour interior analysis.

Feng shui consultation


How can we help after our feng shui consultation

Let us know if you would like to improve your life and health while changing your property, we would be happy to advise on time scales, costs and details – info@vorbild.co.uk or use our online form to contact us.

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