Puglia, Italy

Why Buy a Property in Puglia

Buying a property at Puglia is a solid investment that will pay off in good time. At present, the percentage of foreign residents in Puglia equates to about 3 percent of the population due to the beautiful but quiet nature of Puglia. Known for its whitewashed villages, vegetarian-friendly antipasti, unique Trulli, and the crystal clear sea, Puglia is an excellent location for tourists and a second home to settle down after retirement. 

Six reasons to buy a property in Puglia

The Beautiful Town

The people of Puglia are friendly and welcoming; there are so many beautiful small towns that are perfect for aimless wondering such as the labyrinth whitewashed streets of Locorotondo and Ostuni, hobbit-like Trulli of Alberobello, the elegant seaside towns of Otranto, and the golden ornate baroque of Lecce.

Fewer Commercial activities

Puglia is a perfect place to have a second home due to the less commercial activities that take place in this tiny town. Although Puglia tends to have so many activities during summer, there are still some unspoiled beaches that are free from commercial businesses.


Photo by Diana Cabezas

Ease of travel

Moving in and out of Puglia is quite easy due to the Bari international airport located in the capital city.  The airport has a high influx of visitors at all times. There is also a busy train network that connects all parts of Italy; a 4 hours train journey will have you visit Rome if you are on a day trip.


Photo by Jacopo Fidacaro

The Trulli of Puglia

There are so many shops and unique accommodations, private property, residence, and Trullo church at Trulli/ Originating in the town of Alberobello. The Trulli spread through the towns of Cisternino, Martina Franca, Locorotondo, and Conversano.


Photo by Giulia Gasperini

Puglia Beaches

Also, there are so many beautiful beaches in Puglia that are unpopulated by tourists. No matter where you decide to buy a property, you cannot be far from the beach. The best beaches of Puglia are the Torre Lapillo Bay and Punta Prosciutto. These are white sandy beaches that are surrounded by a crystalline sea.


Photo by Giulia Gasperini

Rental potential in Puglia

Owning a home in Puglia can also be a great investment opportunity for you to earn more. Rental platforms like Airbnb can help make your home available for rent. This makes sense as more tourists prefer private accommodations than staying in hotels.  In addition, the potentials to make money from your property isn’t restricted to the summer period because Puglia is fast becoming a hot holiday sport with visitors at all times of the year.

Finally, buying a property in Puglia is a great investment opportunity that will pay off in the future. It is also an excellent opportunity to live with friendly and hospitable people on a beautiful Island. If you love to have a second home in a calm and quiet destination with beautiful landscape and crystal clear beaches, buying a property in Puglia should be your best option.

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