Gran Canaria

Why you should consider making Gran Canaria your second home

Gran Canaria is one of the islands that make up Canary Island. Although it is the third largest island, it has the largest population of all the islands that make up Canary Island. 

With a mix of features that make it a great holiday destination, Gran Canaria receives visitors all year round and is especially appealing to families. Since the 19th century, Gran Canaria has been a tourist hotspot for reasons that include the climate, laid-back environment and beaches. The diverse landscape of Gran Canaria also makes it a unique holiday destination.

Life began in Gran Canaria when the Guanches made the island their home as early as 500BC. The island was rediscovered in the 13th century and then conquered in the 14th century for the Spanish by Jean de Bethencourt. The capital of Gran Canaria is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria located in the northeast part of the island. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is also is one of the largest cities in Spain. The official language of Gran Canaria is Spanish; although one can also find English-speaking and German-speaking persons on the island, especially in the resorts. 

Since Gran Canaria is a well-established holiday destination, several resorts are located on the island especially on the south coast. These activities include scuba diving, hiking, golf and surfing.

Top reasons to buy a property in Gran Canaria

The Climate

The climate of the island is one of the reasons why it has attracted residents from within and outside Europe. The categories of persons that have found Gran Canaria particularly appealing include retirees. Gran Canaria’s climate has also been a major reason why tourists can visit any time of the year. It never really gets uncomfortable in Gran Canaria whether in winter or summer. During winter, the temperature could be about 25 degrees, while it never gets as hot as other European locations during summer. The climate of Gran Canaria also varies across different cities. Maspalomas, for example, has a temperature that ranges from 23 to 33 degrees. Las Palmas, a major city in Gran Canaria, has a wide temperature range and could get quite cold during winter, although the temperature is also generally habitable. Arguineguín has been reported as the destination with the best climate.


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina


Residents of Gran Canaria get to explore a diversity of landscapes that make up the island. There are the desert areas, the area with volcanic craters and the colder areas, and these landscapes are typically not far from one another. The availability of these different landscapes means that residents can create the best experiences and adventures. Residents of Gran Canaria can thus embark on a variety of outdoor activities.

Stretch of beaches

A location doesn’t get more beach-filled than Gran Canaria with a stretch of beaches including two of the best beaches in Europe, Playa de Amadores and Anfi del Mar. Gran Canaria also holds several dunes as well as man-made beaches such as Playade los.


Photo by Urmi (creative commons BY)

Cozy and warm environment

The people of the island are a significant reason why you should consider getting home in Gran Canaria if your focus is a warm and cozy environment. Although Spanish is the primary language spoken on the island, the locals are quite friendly, and one wouldn’t need a lot of adjustments when they move to the island.


Photo by Tom Keighley


This Spanish island offers a great mix of culture and history.  This is especially true in the non-tourist towns and cities. The capital city also preserves the history and culture of the island especially in areas such as Vegueta.  Christopher Columbus once lived in Gran Canaria which was formerly known as a stop for boats leaving Europe. From the busier capital city to the smaller villages such as Tejeda, Arucas and Teror.


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina

Cost of living

The cost of living is also fair, especially in the non-tourist areas. Public transportation is readily accessible, and the cuisine of Gran Canaria is part of the residential appeal of the island. 

Finally, people who move to Gran Canaria will not find it hard to adjust to their new surroundings as the climate; people, landscape and general environment are welcoming. From families, retirees and young people willing to move and explore a new destinations, Gran Canaria is a great location to call home.

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