Why buy a property in Corsica?

Known for its magnificent mountains, wild landscapes, beautiful high altitude lakes, endless coastline, breathtaking views, and pristine white-sand beaches, Corsica is simply an ‘Isle of Beauty’ and a heaven on earth.

Its Mediterranean climate and well-preserved countryside make this beautiful Island the best travel destination for tourist in various parts of the globe. Buying a property in Corsica is a good investment that will pay off in due time to the high values attached to rental properties by tourist. 

Corsica is France with a difference

Corsica is referred to as France with a difference due to its Mediterranean climate. It has its language, distinctive tradition, and unique culture. In addition, it is a not an independent country but a territorial collectivity. 

Its natural beauty

This beautiful island is wonderfully possessed with a sunny climate and spectacular natural beauty. Its natural glory is the 1000 kilometers of coastline, its beautiful mountains, and rugged interior that make Corsica a perfect answer to cold Britain. 


Photo by Tom Grimbert

Low crime rate

One beautiful thing about Corsica is the low crime rate despite the occasional violence perpetrated by extremist. In Corsica, it is unnecessary to lock your house or car while going out. The island is also a haven for children because Corsicans are known for their love for children and the importance placed on family value. 

Friendly people

The Corsicans are proud, polite and hospitable people even though they maintain a lot of distance with strangers. They find it difficult to take strangers to heart and would like you to show your true color first as a tourist. However once accepted, they demonstrate their acceptance and loyalty forever. 


Photo by Jametlene Reskp

Ease of travel

At present, it is easier to fly into Corsica from the UK. You have an option to take a direct flight with budget airlines to Corsica, or take a direct flight to South France and use a boat to make the crossing. You can also fly directly with British Airways or Air France from Gatwick.

Beautiful properties

Corsica is home to so many beautiful properties. These are put up for sale even though they are quite expensive.  The most attractive properties are those close to the beaches which are worth buying and a good investment for tourist. If you are seeking for a less expensive option, you can look further inland or at the old Corsican villages. It is possible to buy a village house for less money than properties found at the beach. However, if you chose this option you must try to fit into the community. It will be easy to adjust to their culture and lifestyle. 


Photo by Tom Grimbert

Finally, buying a property at Corsica is a great investment that will eventually pay off in future. This beautiful Island has so much to offer to tourist and property seekers. They only need to adjust a little to the people’s lifestyle, climate and unique culture.  

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