8 Reasons to buy a property in Malta

If you want to have a second home in a country with hospitable citizens, vibrant nightlife, a peaceful environment, a pleasant climate, and excellent dishes, then your first option is to buy a property in Malta. Malta is an amazing Island to spend the rest of your life after retirement. 

Each year, this fantastic Island welcomes thousands of tourists visiting to have a lifetime experience.  The Maltese real estate industry has grown rapidly due to the strong and cautious banking principles that have been put in place to ensure that the real estate market does not collapse like that of other European countries. 

In addition, For English speaking tourist who wants to own property and lives in Malta, the country has adopted English as its official second language, thereby breaking every language barriers. 

Reasons why you should buy a property in Malta

Substantial Investment

Malta is one country in Europe where the real estate industry has never been affected by the Global Financial Crisis. The age-long tradition and the sound banking ethics that has been put in place is one of the reasons why the Malta real estate market wasn’t affected by the real estate crash that hit Europe some years ago. At present, Malta is one of the countries in Europe experiencing consistent growth in the real estate industry.


Photo by François Kaiser

Vast selection of Properties

One beautiful thing about buying a home in Malta is that there is a vast selection of properties that suit everyone’s needs and budget. The average price of a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment in Malta cost about €220, 000 depending on the location you choose and the type of property you want to buy.

Become a Maltese Resident

As part of the laid down criteria by the Maltese government in the Global Residence Programme, buying a property in Malta Island of Gozo is a significant requirement to become a Maltese Resident.


Photo by Keith Camilleri

Lively environment

It is very difficult to stay bored in Malta, there are lots of leisure activities like paragliding, scuba diving, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and windsurfing, that can make you have enough fun. There are also live events like pop concerts, theatre shows; historical re-enactments are what provide great entertainment for the whole family on this amazing Island.  

Peace and tranquility of the Island

Malta is more than just an Island, it is a peaceful and excellent location for families and couples who want to relax in a quiet environment with beautiful beaches and countryside views.


Photo by Vangelis Kovu

Vibrant Nightlife

For people who enjoy staying out at night, Malta offers a vibrant nightlife. It attracts big names like Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Tiësto, and Carl Cox. There are lots of open-air clubs to relax and have some funs with local and foreigners; there is never a shortage of entertainment in all the restaurants in Malta

Malta’s Beautiful Beaches

There are so many beautiful beaches in Malta. Most of Malta’s best beaches are located along the Western and Northern shorelines; you can have a good time while relaxing with family and friends.


The people of Malta are very hospitable, friendly, and welcoming. As earlier stated English is the second official language, therefore you won’t have difficulty communicating and relating with the locals. There are also medical facilities that are of international standard for everyone.

New Tax Scheme

In addition, as part of ways to attract more expatriates to the Island, the Maltese government introduced a standard rate of 15% increase on income from employment for people working in Malta. This scheme is aimed at attracting locals and expatriates. When you work in various industries to relocate to Malta, then you can invest in the real estate market.

Finally, Malta is an amazing Island with lots of opportunities. Investing in the real estate industry in Malta is an opportunity for you. It’s great to have a solid investment away from home and also have a second home after retirement. 

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