1098 Richmond House, SW14


A complete refurbishment of this gorgeous house has been finally completed in 2022. With the help of Magenta Pink Interiors, this house has been completely transformed. The double storey extension we managed to add has improved this family home without changing its appearance from the front.

This detached house has not been refurbished for many years and its spacious garden was overgrown. The front façade was hidden behind ivy which damaged it and had to be removed. The old lean to extension was not of good quality and had to be replaced.

Kitchen and utility joinery expertly done by Higham Furniture.

We added one bedroom and an enlarged open plan kitchen dining area as well as a terrace with outdoor cooking to this property

New hardwood flooring on the ground floor with underfloor heating

Bespoke sliding doors and wardrobes and joinery throughout

Large skylight over the staircase

The ceiling over the Master Bedroom has been opened up to expose the beams and create a vaulted ceiling

A new outside dining and BBQ

A children’s play area with a climbing wall, swing and a space to draw

New car parking with electric car charger




  • VORBILD Stages 0, 1 , 2, 4, 6 plus coordinating the structural design and building control process
  • Planning permission with Richmond upon Thames Council granted for a double storey rear and single storey side extension to this detached property
  • Improved roof insulation, all new insulated external render, new timber framed windows, doors and roof lights, efficient wet underfloor heating and a brand new heating system have improved the EPC rating
  • Total project duration 18 months, 12 months on site

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 32

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 29

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 30

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 48

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 47

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 43



1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 54

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 55

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 58

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 36

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 40

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 37

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 39

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 28

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 2

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 3

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 1

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 4

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 6

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 7

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 8

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 9

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 10

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 11

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 18

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 19

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 20

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 24

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 25

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 26

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 21

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 62

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 61

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 59

1098-richmond-house-vorbild-architecture- 64


Pre-construction pictures :






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