0994 Grand house refurbishment and landscaping in Enfield


Grand house refurbishment and landscaping in Enfield


Grand house refurbishment and landscaping

The Client commissioned us to extend their family home.  However, rather unusually, we are planning an extension not to the back but to the front of the property.

In contrast to other houses in this calm neighbourhood, this house is set back quite a lot from the front drive.  The rear garden is already well planted and established.  Our task includes a new front extension and completely new design of the interiors as well as landscaping of the front drive.

Internally, there is a good-height loft space which can also be adapted to be used by the whole family.  The first floor contains several good sized bedrooms, however after the refurbishment more can be added.  The plan is also to improve the look and style of the house from the front.

Design and planning

Like many other current projects we are exploring the proposals with our clients in full 3D and VR right from the start.



Works are planned to start in 2020/2021

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