0736 Complete internal refurbishment of a full of character West Hampstead garden apartment


Complete internal refurbishment of period garden apartment in West Hamsptead .


Single family residence in West Hampstead.

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We were approached by the Clients before they purchased this property to advise them on its potential and work it required.  Following a successful purchase, we were commissioned to carry out a full refurbishment and to redesign the layout.

Unmodernised period property

This garden, two-level apartment in West Hampstead had a lot of character, but it had not been modernised for decades.  Inside it was daunt, with some walls painted blue and woodwork in dark green.  However, it had many beautiful features, such as stained-glass windows, tall ceilings and a private garden leading into a larger communal space.

Natural light

The main aim when planning the reconfiguration of the lower ground level was to introduce as much natural light as possible.  We removed the internal wall that used to separate the front and the back rooms.  This increased the sense of space as well as allowed for light to come in from both ends of the property.

A new kitchen was installed at the front with a dining area in the middle and a living room behind it.  In the living room, we preserved the original fireplace and the stained glass windows.

The guest bathroom was kept in its original location, whereas the space under the stairs became storage thanks to a special system of drawers.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room

On the second level, a narrow room at the back has been connected to the master bedroom and adapted as a dressing area.  A new bathroom was added, so that the floor now contains two good sized, en-suite bedrooms.

Heritage and antique furnishing

The owners enriched the space with their own heritage furniture collection, as well as more antiques were purchased, such as the glass ceiling light in the living room.

Landscaping and outside works

The external entrance space was enlarged and renovated.  The garden at the back was redesigned and a large area was paved for an easy upkeep.