0631 Adjoining rear dormer extensions, Balham


0631 – Adjoining rear dormer extensions, Balham

Two neighbours, owners of upper, duplex apartments in neighbouring semi-detached houses, decided at the same time to extend their adjoining loft spaces.

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Even that each of the properties needed a similar rear dormer, their internal layouts differed and reflected Clients’ individual needs.  One property needed two bedrooms and an ensuite for their growing family, whereas their next door neighbour needed the space to contain just two bedrooms.  The internal styles differed as well.


We proposed large roof lights over each of the two staircases, flooding them with natural light. The front roof slope has two equally sized windows each, and the rear dormers have an ingenious full height safety glazed window with its opening restricted to ‘tilt’ only.  This restricted opening width provided additional safety and also allowed us to omit an external balustrade, as it is not hinging open like typical French windows.


The photographs below are only of one of the properties.

In this property, we were asked to design furniture for the two reception rooms and the rear bedroom, as well as joinery for the new loft bedroom, the ensuite and a storage bench for one of the children’s bedrooms in the loft.

The ensuite has full height marble mosaic tiles with a walk in shower and a niche.  The limited height in this space was improved by installing one of the two roof lights there.

The bedroom has space for an unusually deep wardrobe, which was turned into a walk-in double depth wardrobe, thanks to the individual shape of the dormer layout.

The staircase was extended into the loft in a dramatic fashion to take advantage of the created light and space.  Our Clients photographs and contemporary artwork, as well as an oversized light feature make this otherwise humble staircase seem very exciting indeed.

This was a very rare and interesting case of having in effect separate Clients for simultaneous projects.  The same contractor was responsible for both projects at the same time.

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