0558 Surbiton House, KT5


Location: Surbiton, London

Completion Year: 2016

The Surbiton project involved extending the ground floor of a family home to create a modern, spacious living area that seamlessly integrates with the outdoor garden space. The design focused on maximizing natural light and functional living with stylish, contemporary aesthetics. In response to the family’s need for a more expansive and versatile living area, VORBILD Architecture embarked on a transformative journey to extend and revitalize an outdated kitchen into a vibrant heart of the home. The project entailed a 3.5-meter extension to the rear of the house, incorporating a new kitchen, dining, and living space. The newly configured area features full-width sliding doors that lead to a beautifully designed patio and elongated garden, enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor living. Above, strategically placed skylights and tall glass panels on either side of the kitchen flood the space with natural light, echoing the family’s desire for a bright and airy environment.

Design Highlights

The kitchen boasts high-gloss white cabinets, built-in appliances, and a central island with a white quartz worktop. A bespoke dining bench attached to the island, finished in oiled oak with a dark blue base, stylishly defines the space between the kitchen and dining area. By installing multiple light openings, including two roof lights and side tall glass panels, the design ensures that every corner of the extension is imbued with natural light. The layout promotes a fluid transition to the outdoor patio, providing additional living space and a natural extension of the home’s interior.

The project involved securing planning permission and meticulously selecting materials that complement the existing structure while introducing modern elements that resonate with contemporary design trends. The choice of long, engineered oak floorboards laid vertically further accentuates the spatial flow from front to back, subtly enhancing the perceived depth of the extension. This extension has transformed the way the family interacts with their living space, providing a functional, integrated area.

In keeping with the ethos of sustainable design, VORBILD Architecture incorporated energy-efficient solutions such as wet underfloor heating, which provides consistent and efficient temperature control throughout the space. This heating solution avoids the clutter of radiators, maintaining the sleek lines and open feel of the extension.


The dramatic transformation from the outdated kitchen to a multifunctional and stylish space is documented through a series of before and after photographs available on the project page. These images not only showcase the meticulous detail of the craftsmanship but also illustrate the effective use of space and light that characterizes this extension.

family house in Surbiton0558 Full width rear extension to terraced house in Surbiton

0558 Kitchen extension with outside patio and sliding doors

0558 Patio and wooden garden furniture in London house

0558 Living area in a new back extension in London

0558 kitchen diner high gloss units and wooden bench in Surbiton

0558 View onto inside of the rear extension from the patio

0558 rectangular dining table and living area in a rear extension

0558 kitchen island with a wooden bench and dining tabel

0558 kitchen island with quartz worktop and tall glass panel

0558 kitchen diner and living room rear extension in London

0558 white high gloss Howdens kitchen with dark blue splashback

0558 tall glass window panel in kitchen

0558 roof lights velux with pebbles

0558 full height glass panel with black aluminium frame

0558 living area with wooden floor overlooking dining and kitchen

0558 rear extension with aluminium frame door and drainage

0558 terraced house staircase with wooden steps and white balustrade in London

0558 bespoke dining table wooden bench with storage and dark blue finish

0558 kitchen island with power socket on the side


Here are some work in progress pictures :

0558 before photo of Surbiton house before renovation works

0558 semidetached house with red brick in surbiton

0558 rear garden in surbiton house

0558 during construction works in Surbiton

0558 back of the house during construction works in Surbiton


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