02556 Vineyard redevelopment, Portugal


02556 Vineyard redevelopment, Portugal


Monte d’Oiro translates as mountain of gold, and it refers to the golden colour taken in early evening by the hill on which many of the vineyards are planted. The vineyard is in the Alenquer sub region, with the Atlantic 20 km to the west and Lisbon 50 km to the south. Climate is Mediterranean with the moderating influences of cool breezes: this is a pretty windy site.

We have only just started our initial concept design other vineyard in the south of France, when this opportunity presented itself completely out of the blue. It is very exciting as the initial process in the redesign and forming a new vision of a vineyard is largely the same. Contrary to our south of France vineyard, this one is located in Portugal. 

The area of the vineyard is not nearly as large however the terrain and area earmarked for building works is overlooking the vineyard in a spectacular way.

The goal is to completely transform this vineyard and give it a modern contemporary style hotel and restaurant complex.

This is how it looks like today :

02556-Vineyard-redevelopment-in-Portugal-vorbild-architecture-020 02556-Vineyard-redevelopment-in-Portugal-vorbild-architecture-021



02556-Vineyard-redevelopment-in-Portugal-vorbild-architecture-023 02556-Vineyard-redevelopment-in-Portugal-vorbild-architecture-024 02556-Vineyard-redevelopment-in-Portugal-vorbild-architecture-025


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