02510 Duplex top level apartment in central Menton with amazing sea view, South of France


Duplex top level apartment in Menton, South of France



Menton is the last French town before you cross into Italy, and our Menton apartment is located on one of the main paths towards the marina.

The works

This stately duplex top level apartment has last been refurbished in the 1960’s and our client modernised it throughout.  This took a while, but thankfully coincided with the refurbishment works. The whole space has been opened up into a contemporary open plan living-dining and kitchen area. Previously, this property had two side facing windows which were removed and we restored them to bring more light into this property.

The small rear terrace is now accessible from the kitchen. The master suite is on the entrance level, and there is a small Guest WC near the stairs up onto the loft level. The loft level has a guest bedroom, family bathroom and an open plan play area for children.

New roof

The whole roof has been redone as part of planned refurbishments of the property. We also had to get permission from the syndic to replace the whole roof. This fact also allowed us to have new and most importantly larger roof lights which clearly allowed more light to flow into the extensive roof space. This made our duplex top level apartment much brighter.

The previously traditional, closed and dark rooms are opened up into spectacular spaces. The ceilings are higher now as well as previously they were lowered. The main transformation is however to make the open plan living-dining space double aspect. In addition to this, we reinstated previously non existent side facing windows. The window shutters are simply magnificent, and give this space a flair of a very stylish and grand apartment.

Air conditioning is a must in this top level duplex. The entrance level is high enough so that even during hot days – so most of the year – there is enough of a volume of air – and thanks to cross ventilation, it shouldn’t get too hot. Still, we decided to add powerful air conditioning units in the main open spaces, master bedroom and of course both loft rooms. The external condensers are placed on the rear facing balcony.

The works were completed in 2018 and the apartment was sold in 2019.


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