0244 Abbey Road Church Conversion Penthouse, St John’s Wood NW8


A complete refurbishment of a penthouse apartment in a converted church near the famous Beatles crossing and the Abbey Road Studios in St John’s Wood.


This contemporary church conversion penthouse in St John’s Wood is one of thirteen inside a converted orthodox church.  The property is situated near the famous Beatles crossing and the Abbey Road Studios.

Unique on the outside and inside

The apartment is located inside a very traditional building, however once one steps inside there is an ultra modern feel.  The shape of the main area resembles half a cake.  On each end, it connects to an identical tower.

Making space

Initially, although the conversion was fairly new and the property boasted great volumes, it was internally divided into a series of small rooms.

We began the project by decluttering the main area, which came with two entrance doors and several internal doors dividing up this exceptional space.  We were able to remove all previous doors and join the small rooms into one.  This required very careful planning and working with fire safety regulations.

The centre of the house contains now open plan living and dining areas, which follow the curved contour of the room.

Mezzanine master bedroom

We fully utilised the very high ceilings in the middle to add an extra bedroom by building a mezzanine.  The shape of the mezzanine echos the arched outline of the apartment.  To achieve this, we used curved steel.  The new master bedroom contains enough storage thanks to bespoke fitted wardrobes on both sides under the eaves.

The inside wall is made of full height, frameless glazing, which overlooks the living-dining room below.  A new walnut and oak staircase with a glass balustrade follows down to the main level.

Concrete kitchen

Tucked under the mezzanine, there is a new modern kitchen in our Church conversion penthouse.  The storage has been maximised thanks to bespoke, full height units on one wall.  The second side contains low and hanging cabinets, a wide range cooker, and fridge and freezer drawers.

A kitchen island provides an additional working surface and contains a sink and a wine fridge.

The kitchen units have been finished with grey-toned wooden fronts.  The worktops are made of stainless steel, whereas the walls and the splash-back are covered with concrete tiles.

Concrete bathrooms in our church conversion penthouse

On either side of the new kitchen, and accessed from the hallways, we designed concrete clad bathrooms with a fully lit ceiling made of plexiglass panels.  The walls and flooring are made of real concrete panels.  While underfloor heating keeps these spaces warm, the panels themselves seem to emanate a cooling feeling.

Both the ventilation and lighting are hidden above.  The ceiling also allowed us to build in an overhead shower.

In one bathroom we integrated the washing machine within a beautifully detailed walnut joinery, and the other has a suave Laufen bath with mood lighting and an Aquavision TV.

Bedrooms in towers

Both towers contain a bedroom each and storage.

Fitted in storage

New walnut furniture was custom designed throughout and provides storage in the often difficult shaped spaces.

0244 Entrance hallway coat and shoes storage and wooden stairs with a glass balustrade

0244 bathroom with concrete tiles Aquavision TV and rectangular bath in St Johns Wood

0244 oval vessel bathroom sink and dark wood vanity unit and concrete tiles in NW8

0244 dark wood vanity unit with oval bowl basin and concrete tiles bathroom in NW8 London

0244 dark wooden bathroom furniture and concrete tiles modern bathroom in North West London

0244 plexiglass white ceiling panels and concrete tiles in bathroom in St Johns Wood

0244 master bedroom mezzanine in a modern London apartment

0244 modern kitchen with concrete tiles steel worktops and grey wood cabinets in St Johns Wood

0244 modern kitchen with concrete tiles steel worktops and grey wood cabinets in penthouse apartment

0244 living room with curved L shape grey sofa and wall hung TV with contemporary interiors

0244 curved L shape grey sofa in living room in penthouse in North West London

0244 mezzanine above kitchen with glass wall overlooking living room in converted church

0244 modern dining room and kitchen with mezzanine bedroom above in St Johns Wood London

0244 dining room with white curved wall and wooden floor on Abbey Road NW8

0244 open plan dining living room with wooden stairs with glass balustrade to mezzanine in NW8

0244 mezzanine staircase with dark wood and frameless glass balustrade on Abbey Road NW8

0244 Church conversion penthouse dark wood oak staircase steps to mezzanine in St Johns Wood

0244 mezzanine master bedroom with fitted wardrobes and roof lights in St Johns Wood

0244 mezzanine master bedroom with fitted wardrobes and roof lights in North West London

0244 mezzanine master bedroom with fitted wardrobes and roof lights in modern penthouse London

0244 dark oak staircase to mezzanine with glass balustrade modern interiors in North West London

0244 fitted walnut wardrobe under sloped roof in St Johns Wood

0244Church conversion penthouse concrete tiles bathroom and bowl basin with wooden vanity unit in north west london

0244 showerroom with concrete tiles and fitted dark wood furniture in St Johns Wood

0244 overhead shower in plexiglass ceiling and concrete tiles and wooden furniture in bathroom NW8

0244 Church conversion penthouse washing machine built in bathroom cabinet modern interiors North West London

0244 glass balustrade and light wood modern staircase in NW8 London


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