Japandi style

What is Japandi?

Japandi, as the name suggests, is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It is influenced by the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, a way of life that values slow-living, contentment and simplicity, as well as the Scandinavian practice of hygge, which embraces comfort, cosiness and wellbeing. Japandi blends the smooth, modern lines of Scandinavian design with the sleek, functional, elegance of the Japanese aesthetic. It is minimalist yet welcoming and is all about using neutral tones, lots of textures and natural materials. So far, this trend is standing the test of time. Here are our top tips for getting it right.

Japandi, an elegant amalgamation of Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies, is making waves in the world of interior design, manifesting as a trend that exemplifies minimalist, aesthetic, and functional spaces. The term “Japandi” is a portmanteau of “Japanese” and “Scandi,” and it beautifully merges the simplicity and utility found in both design styles.

This design trend focuses on clean lines, natural elements, and bright spaces, characterized by a harmonious blend of the sophisticated elegance of Japanese designs and the modern, innovative touch of Scandinavian styles. The utilization of neutral colors, high-quality natural materials, and an emphasis on greenery and nature are prominent features of Japandi style, making spaces feel calm, grounded, and profoundly connected to the natural world.


0933-japandi-apartment-london-n11-vorbild-architecture-3Japandi is not just a transient style but rather an embodiment of a lifestyle that promotes sustainability and mindfulness. It seeks to create spaces that are not overly cluttered with decorations but are instead stripped back to showcase beautiful, functional pieces that have a purpose and story, reflecting a deep respect for craftsmanship and texture. The underlying principle is to buy fewer but better-quality items, steering clear from the allure of fast fashion items..

In a world increasingly leaning towards minimalism and functionality, a Japandi-styled office can be the perfect place to foster focus and productivity. The style is known for its distinctive minimalism and functionality, creating a serene and focused workspace that enhances productivity.

Moreover, wood is a predominant feature in Japandi design, echoing the Japanese focus on blending elegant minimalist functionality with the outdoor environment. Wood elements, combined with other natural materials, work together to bring warmth and texture to the spaces, making them feel more welcoming and balanced.

One of the central characteristics of Japandi is the emphasis on the balance and harmony between different elements in a space. This balance is often achieved through a careful selection of furniture and decorative pieces, blending the sleek, modern lines of Scandinavian design with the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics. A successful Japandi interior is minimal yet warm, sophisticated yet casual, and above all, harmoniously balanced.


Another prominent aspect of Japandi design is its incorporation of greenery and nature, serving to enhance the calming and soothing ambiance of the spaces. The focus on natural elements not only reflects the design’s commitment to sustainability but also contributes to the creation of a rejuvenating and tranquil environment that promotes well-being and relaxation.


To sum up, Japandi is more than just an interior design trend; it is a reflection of a lifestyle that values simplicity, functionality, and a deep connection to the natural world. Its minimalist approach, emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, and harmonious blending of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements make it a timeless style that continues to inspire and captivate.



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