Where to Find An Architect?


Especially, if this is your first construction or renovation project, it may feel not very clear where to find an architect.  Moreover, you may already feel that a good relationship is paramount.  You would like to work with someone who will understand your needs but at the same time bring fresh ideas to the tables.  Someone who will guide you through every step of the process and will take care of all technical and more legal aspects.

We have put together a short list of a few starting points that we could recommend and experienced Clients using them.  

Word of mouth – where to find an architect

Speaking to your friends or colleagues is always a good place to start to find an architect.  They might have themselves completed a renovation or may know some who had done so.  

An architect recommended by a close acquaintance will already come with a very detailed endorsement.  You will be able to hear, probably even before meeting them in person, about the process and the person’s experience.  

Trade references

If you already have a chosen contractor, or any other professional that you thought of including in the project, they most probably have worked before with an architect or several.  It is always worth asking for recommendations.    

Websites of official bodies 

ARB – arb.org.uk

‘Architect’ is a protected title and can be used only by people who completed specific education, passed exams and became registered with ARB (Architectural Registration Board).  On their website, you will be able to find a current list of the members.

RIBA – www.architecture.com 

This is probably an even better know institution – The Royal Institute of British Architects.

You might have seen sometimes this characteristic red signpost with a name of architectural practice, hanging on a building that was being renovated.  This bears the name of architects registered with RIBA, which is not mandatory, but many choose to do so.

Their website is very informative and also allows them to search through their members and to see some of their projects.  


You may or may not be a vivid reader of interior design magazines, but it is often the case that before embarking on their own project, homeowners study a few of them.  

Very often, they portray a story of how a certain look was achieved.  Next to an article, you should be able to find contact details of the professionals involved.   If missing, you can always try to get in touch with the publisher to help you find this information

On-line platforms

There are more and more alternatives in term of on-line platform where you can find an architect and various other professionals.  These can be divided into two kinds:

1. Ones where you browse projects and contact architects that you like, such as Houzz.

2. Ones where you post your project and architects contact you.

There are many more and we have noticed that some are better than others and types of enquires differ between them.

Just a small word of caution.  When exploring thing on-line, do not concentrate only on ratings, if there are any.  Working with someone is a lengthy process and it is all about relationships, which can be very subjective.  Also, like all businesses nowadays, architects need to deal with fake reviews.

In any way, it is important to pre-select a few architect and meet with them.  Talk to their previous clients or even better – visit a project that they completed, if possible.  When making your final choice, it is a mixture of a professional judgement and this ‘feeling’ you may have about them.


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