Plethora of Inspiration at Maison et Objet 2019 in Paris

There are some events in the calendar of the interior design world that are just too good and important to be missed.  These are places that you may be certain to find lots of inspiration and a great selection of products under one roof.  It is, however, often difficult to commit oneself to attending one, with always having so many day to day tasks, that never leave a gap in a working week.

This year, after a few years of break, I made a last minute decision to attend the Maison & Objet fair in Paris.  My previous visit impressed me deeply and stuck in my memory.  The additional plus was that being now a member of the BIID gave me access to this kind of industry events. 


I had a very limited time there, so my plan was to arrive with a pre-selected list of stands to visits.  I already had some specific projects of ours in mind, as well as I had a feeling what else could be useful for us in the future.  So, I went there with a list of suppliers to see.  But this list quickly went out of the window once I entered the halls.

Suddenly, you get surrounded by a myriad of amazingly colours, textures, unexpected combinations of finishes and very cool trends.  The hit of inspiration is so strong and stimulating, that it is hard to tell no to oneself and skip a stand.  

One quick espresso later, I decided to dive right in!


Like a kid in a candy shop, you wonder through the various stands, taking pictures as you go.  I certainly felt like experiencing it through my iPhone lens. 


This year, I noticed several interior decorating outlets which mastered the art of setting up areas dedicated to specific time periods very close to each other.  There were perfect reconstructions of Art Deco inspired bars and seating areas, complete with black and white reproductions of pictures of movie stars. 

In a close proximity, you could find a South America inspired modern colonial terrace, with palm trees, comfortable leather sofas and exotic dark timber furniture. 


Next to them, there was a set with polished dark furniture, a chandelier made of loose white branches, on a dark yellow background.

Maison & Objet is not only furniture and finishes but there were some exquisite and provocative art pieces too.  Imagine a stylised petrol container with Louis Vuitton logos all over it or a Ferrari or Hermes fire extinguisher.

water-vapour-fireplace-maison-objet-2019-paris-vorbild-architectureI was also impressed by some new solutions.  For example, I discovered an ingenious company which makes fireplaces which simulate flames by using cleverly illuminated water vapour!  That could certainly addresses a lot of fire safety concerns.

The aim was to take it all in and you certainly end up leaving bussing with lots of ideas.  Maison & Object is a place to visit when you want to get inspired, and for this its best to turn your phone notifications off, open your mind and simply walk and browse through the halls.   


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