Living Room design with a Bioethanol fireplace

Portland Place is one of the most handsome streets in London with equally rich history.  Situated right at the entrance of Regent’s Park and on an edge of Marylebone, it manages to maintain an atmosphere of space and calmness, despite its very central location.


We worked on a spacious 2 bedroom apartment in one of elegant multi-storey buildings at the Northern end of the street.  The project was a designer’s dream, as it needed complete refurbishment.  The layout was rethought and many bespoke solutions were used.  All of this was achieved to meet the Client’s brief, as well as to preserve the original Art Deco character of the property.


The finish of the apartment was mostly white in order to introduce maximum light and to create a background for the owner’s large collection of artwork.  The space still needed to feel like home and to be functional, thus we introduced some elements to achieve this.


One of them was a fireplace in the living – dining room, which also opens up onto the kitchen.  A fireplace instantly brings in warmth and a feeling of relaxation into a space.  The apartment had an existing chimney breast, however, this had been already closed off.  The most efficient and aesthetic solution was to use a bioethanol fireplace.  We chose The Eton range from imaginfires with twin glass walls and a black base.  A fireplace surround was then design to fit this particular model.  We decided against a traditional, tall frame and created a lower void but used extra width Carrara marble to make a statement.


The fireplace is powered by bioethanol fuel, which can have low odour or be scented, for example a forest aroma.  The fuel is also more environmentally friendly than in standard burners.  The flame is still well visible and emanates heat.  We added ceramic pebbles for even more natural look.


A fireplace will always be a focal point of a room.  In this project we were able to design an imaginative, modern solution with a unique look, that still gives the space this sought after cozy feeling.


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