13 Client Supply Items – Bathroom – sanitary ware and water pressure


Unless you have a small apartment, you most likely have more than one bathroom to design and equip. A typical house has a powder room/guest WC near or under the stairs to the first floor, and upstairs there will be at least one family bathroom, and perhaps an en-suite per each of the more private levels. If you have a loft, you will probably have a bathroom there too (here is an example of one of loft bathrooms we designed). 13 Client Supply Items – Bathroom



In bathrooms, there are several “good practice” rules, most of which are pretty much common sense. We like to avoid placing a WC unit in front of a door and prefer the first item you see, when you walk into a bathroom, to be either a sink and vanity unit with a nice mirror or a window.

Baths and showers are best when none of their parts overlap with a window, and tiling inside goes up full height. This is particularly important when having also an overhead shower in the bath.



The size of the bathroom can pre-define our choices, but in any case there is always room for a great design. If there is more space, we can consider a freestanding bath and a floor mounted tall tap. Whereas if the space is just about the width of a bath, you can create a very neat design by making a tiled front panel and creating a niche shelving in the wall behind for all the items you need. 13 Client Supply Items – Bathroom



When it comes to toilets, they come as close coupled and concealed cisterns. The latter is when you have a nice flush button on a surface resembling a wall, and the former gives you an exposed cistern and easy access to it, if you need to.



Storage space is one of the key elements when planning a bathroom, as no-one would like to have their nice design spoiled by clutter of tens of tiny toiletry items laying around. A vanity unit with drawers or shelves is always helpful to have under a sink.

When choosing a more Victorian look of a pedestal basin, or a contemporary one with, for example a minimalistic basin installed on a countertop, one may want to use a bathroom mirror with storage behind or, if there is enough room in the bathroom, have some cabinets placed nearby. 13 Client Supply Items – Bathroom

It is also possible to make use of some more ‘awkward’ spaces, such as the space created above a toilet when having a toilet with a concealed cistern, by building a bespoke cabinet.



Taps come not only in their different forms and sizes, but you will need to choose whether you would like to have thermostatic mixers – one tap, or a traditional hot and cold tap. Next, they may be coming out of the wall, from the sink or be standing on top of a vanity unit worktop. This is the occasion when the sink becomes more of a “bowl”, literally.



Believe it or not, but the actual water pressure plays a great part in options available for designing a bathroom. Water pressure tends to be an issue in most properties. Thames Water, the prevalent supplier, only guarantees 1 bar pressure, which is reduced greatly by the time the water serves any first floor bathrooms, and is almost completely gone by the time it reaches the loft level.



Replacing your old water tank with a new combi(nation) boiler does not improve water pressure. For this, you need to install a megaflo system, which is a large storage tank, with pumps, which greatly improves water pressure. This means you can have that big walk-in shower with an appropriately sized large shower head.

Each one of these rooms can have a distinct style, different from its immediate surroundings. It is a good idea to keep one bath in the property – or if you are more of a shower person, a walk-in shower is a very stylish option. 13 Client Supply Items – Bathroom


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