The Stefan Kurylowicz Foundation – Lecture at RIBA: No problem – Architecture!


On November 3rd in the Lutyens Room at RIBA in London, Prof. Ewa Kurylowicz, held a talk called No Problem – Architecture! The lecture by Prof. Kurylowicz, one of the leading Polish Architects, was about her practice’s work and also about the Foundation, which was set up in honour of her late husband, Stefan Kurylowicz.

We are very proud to have helped to organise this event and to actively promote the Foundation in the UK.  You can learn more about the Foundation here.

No Problem – Architecture!

“There are moments where one can suddenly see a historical change, just as in the droplet of water, one can see the structure of the universe.’ Bronislaw Geremek, Polish social historian and politician

Such a moment was witnessed by Poland in 1989, when Communism collapsed. When this slight chance for setting up business appeared, Stefan and Ewa Kuryłowicz of APA Kuryłowicz & Associates did not hesitate for a second. At that time, the standards of how to run a modern architectural business simply did not exist, so with colleagues Kuryłowiczs  spent years on catching up. Together with clients they learnt, too risks and proved that through architecture they could have an actual impact on the new world around them. Throughout the early 90s, the practice played different roles: designers, managing contractors  and construction supervisors and in doing so have come to have an enormous impact on the current shape of Warsaw. Of their work and how they got where they are Ewa Kuryłowicz says, ‘In the architectural tasks we undertake we do not look for inspiration, but for challenges. In spite of  loss of Stefan who died in air crash in 2011, the office still works as ever and  the  answer is always the same. There is no problem because there is Architecture!

In this talk Ewa Kuryłowicz, Professor,  now Principal Architect and Vice-President of APA Kuryłowicz & Associates the head of the Institute of Design and Theory of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology charts a transformative career in design and the reinvention of Polish architecture at a momentus point in its modern history.”


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