How to make the best use of your loft


Loft conversions are extremely popular, primarily because they are one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing the living space of your property. Think about it…..usually, it is a room as big as the entire footprint of your floor!

The four most common uses for loft conversions are:


One of the simplest uses is for excess storage. If your loft is not yet suitable for storage, the amount of work and cost involved for some basic flooring and so forth will be minimal – yet the extra space it can give you within your home can be invaluable.


Many clients like to use their loft conversion to accommodate an office. It is an ideal place as it is away from the rest of the home, creating a separate environment that is conducive to working. Additionally, it’s usually a quiet spot often with great views. It is also a good option for a smaller conversion that couldn’t quite house a bedroom, but will still increase the value of your property.

Bedroom with Ensuite

This is the most sought after option for clients. It can be a great area for your new master bedroom (possibly with an ensuite) or a new bedroom for a teenager, allowing them their own privacy. Similarly, clients like the idea of using the location for guests – especially if there is room for an ensuite too.


A more contemporary approach is to have an ‘open’ loft space, creating a split-level room. This provides an open plan, spacious and light habitat, conveying the feeling that the room is twice the size.

Note: Value Increase

Most loft conversions will boost the value of your property by about 5 -10%. It is important to keep this in mind when setting the budget for your design and works – speak to your architect and local estate agent to gain an idea of the current market.


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