Pool and gym – yes but not side by side


Clients often like the idea of building a pool and gym side by side, but on a practical note, there is one main complication to consider. Put simply, you need very different climates for each of these environments – you will want your pool area to be warm (at around 22C–25C) while you will need a cooler environment for your gym that allows you to remain comfortable while working out (an ideal temperature is usually around 18C or less, depending on personal preference).

However, most clients don’t want a thick, insulated solid wall between their pool and gym as this divides the space and disrupts the natural rhythm between the two elements.

What’s the solution if your pool and gym are built side by side?

If your gym and pool have already been designed/built together it is possible to cool the gym. At great expense – by running the air conditioning at almost full power. Of course, this means trying to anticipate when the pool would be in use and bringing the area back up to an ambient temperature. Needless, to say this not the most economical solution, but it will work.

How should you design your pool and gym?

Ideally, if you have space, you should place the ‘warm’ pool area away from the ‘cool’ gym area. You can have various other related uses in between, such as changing facilities or a relaxation area/sunroom.

This is always the best discussed in a specific project situation.


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