Michael J. Schienke


Before setting up his own practice Michael worked for some of the top practices in London, such as Winch Design and Argent Design, to name only a few. He worked on prestigious properties in London, as well as abroad, on luxury island houses and yachts. Michael J. Schienke also gained valuable first-hand knowledge of the build stage as a project manager in construction companies. His work experience also includes working on offices, high-rise buildings, shopping centers, student accommodation, and multi-family housing.

Currently he is actively involved with the BIID and a mentor for both BIID and RIBA members and students, and a lecturer at WSUS.

Michael was educated in Germany, Poland, and Sweden.  He is fluent in both German, French and Polish, and registered as an architect in the UK, France, and Germany. Recently he is managing projects in Dubai and Ethiopia as well.


“When working with Clients, the most important lesson I learned was that good communication is essential throughout the process. If your client and team knows what is happening and why and what is going to happen when, everyone will contribute more. A single point of contact from start to finish gives our Clients piece of mind. This also prevents issues and misunderstandings. This has been VORBILDs motto ever since.”


Apart from his love of architecture, Michael favours spending time traveling, sailing, and writing and spending precious time with his family. To keep track of what is happening, follow us on Instagram. If you are passionate about supporting young emerging talents – support RADA like us.

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