0431 Refurbishment and large contemporary extension in Teddington


A conversion of a detached period property in Teddington, which had been divided into flats, into a single family home.  An addition of a new, contemporary, rear extension and design of a Japanese room and garden.  Complete internal refurbishment and works to back and front gardens.


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This detached, three-level property was divided into three individual apartments and accessed from a side.  The new owners took it upon themselves to unite this grand house and extend it further into the garden.  After gaining planning permission for a large rear extension, works began on site in early 2016.

Planning permission from the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Council

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Council granted us a planning permission for changing the building from flats into a single dwelling.  We have also successfully obtained a planning permission for a large extension at the back of the house.

Changing the building from flats into a single house

The fact that the building had been divided into flats meant that there had been also some changes made to its access.  The front door was situated on a side.  We reinstated it at the front, between two bay windows and created a small porch with a pointing roof.  Inside, each floor had to be reconfigured with some major layout modifications to encompass the change of the use of the building.

Bright and spacious ground floor

The front of the house on the ground floor is now occupied by a formal reception room, decorated with antique furniture, on one side and a home office on the other.  The middle of the floor is taken by a large staircase, a utility room and a guest bathroom.  At the back of the house there is a new open-space extension, which contains a modern kitchen, dining area, living area and a Japanese room.

Japanese Room and Garden

As one of the owners comes from Japan, the Clients were keen to include some Japanese culture into the design.  We created a tea ceremony room separated from the rest of the living area by shoji screens.  The size of the room was designed in a traditional way by first taking original Japanese tatami mats and proportioning the room to fit them perfectly.  As in every tea ceremony room, there is a table with sunken seating and storage for tea hidden behind decorated sliding doors.

On the side of the house, and visible through the large, round window, there is a small Japanese garden with a very peaceful design.

Family bedrooms

The first floor offers more lateral living with two double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and two dressing rooms , all one level.

Family space in the loft

The large loft area has been adopted as a play room for children.