0132 23 feet sailing boat external and internal refurbishment in the South of France


We have been asked to redesign this lovely boat by a couple who would like to sail in their retirement. He is a certified captain and diving instructor and she has a keen eye for design, and we were asked to assist them in a complete overhaul of this boat.



This 23 feet steel hull boat has been originally constructed in Poland, and has then been used by various diving schools until it has been purchased by our Clients. Its interior is dated and both the technical equipment as well as the hull needs a complete overhaul. The first phase is to get the boat back into water before the interior will be upgraded.

VORBILDs involvement includes a complete external and internal redesign and construction supervision on site.

Works started in the South of Marseilles in 2015 and are scheduled to complete in 2018.

The interior design visuals of the sailing boat are below :

Including external renderings :



Below is a shortened construction timeline – from how the boat looked when it was lifted out of the water to the current state of external works :

Below is a scale comparison to a Porsche Cayenne :


Only close up shots show justice to how much the boat has been transformed :


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