Historic and listed properties

We are experienced in working with and lovingly restoring historic and listed properties in the UK and abroad.

The right approach is key – historic buildings have their own individuality and soul, and when refurbishing such properties, we try and not change such properties adversely. Planning and listed building laws are of course key, but apart from these legal obligations, we strongly believe that you need to adapt your design approach to the building itself, rather than completely destroy its unique scale and sense of history.

In the United Kingdom, there is a special kind of planning permission required to be legally allowed to alter historically relevant properties – inside and outside; In Europe, similar rules exist, but they vary from country to country, from area to area. It is important to consult a professional before you decide to refurbish or even purchase a historical property.


Let us know if you would like to talk about your needs and goals, we would be happy to advise on costs and details – info@vorbild.co.uk or use our online form to contact us.

During a refurbishment it is important to keep your eyes open, as you might discover and retain a piece of history.

It pays to be careful to retain original plaster features, like this lovely corner feature in the main entrance :

While refurbishing roof spaces, the existing structure needs to be carefully examined and its state determined :