Biophilic design

The growing adoption of nature inspired interior design is about much more than simple aesthetics. However it can have a significant positive impact on people’s health and well-being as well.

A space with a good visual connection with nature can be calming for occupants. It is not enough to think about visual clues, other senses need to be engaged – wooden furniture, playing recordings of running water or bird song can help bring the sounds and textures of the natural world to the inside., providing a multi-sensory experience that can ensure a strong connection between you and nature.

It is not just natural materials which can be used to harness the power of biophilic design. Natural analogues – manmade furniture and materials inspired by nature can be used to achieve the same effect. Furniture made up of biomorphic forms – curved desktops or shelving units – can reflect the asymmetrical shapes of trees and plant life, while modular timber floor, wallpaper or carpet patterns can mimic the randomness and complexity of a leaf-strewn forest floor. Some feature walls too can be painted in greens, blues and other shades that recall the hues found in nature.

A key part of good biophilic design is striking a balance between emphasising the openness of a space – highlighting its prospect of the view of the room from your perspective – and creating safe areas, or refuges/recesses, where you can read or work alone, quietly.


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