Sea View Properties in the South of France (and they can be affordable too)

When travelling to the South of France by train, car or air, the last kilometres are surely the most exciting ones. It is when you start seeing the striking blue beauty of the sea.


Sea has always had a huge appeal for many reasons. It provides an incredible sensation of space. The rhythm of waves is calming and almost hypnotising. Sun-rays reflecting on its surface give it a special allure.

When searching for a property, you very often can find a note whether it is South or North-facing. Moreover within a sea side area, they will also say whether a house has a sea view or not. Surely, it is the most advantageous when a property is right at the sea front. One with a private access, a small beach or a space to moor a boat, is the ultimate trophy.


However, we have been lucky to visit quite a few properties within the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, and we have seen that this is not the only case when a property can benefit from having a sea view. What’s more, often the price tag can be much much lower then too.

There are of course compromises to be made. And I must add here, that not all compromises are bad. You may then find out that they provide a better access to some other things to enjoy.


The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region benefits from proximity of more hilly parts to the costal area. One of the bigger agglomerations is Grasse. A city famous for its perfume history. Although Grasse is about 30 km inland, we were able to visit properties with a beautiful view at the Bay of Cannes.

Types of properties in Grasse vary, as the land can be quite steep, there are some parts where even when having a large garden, it is not possible to build a swimming pool. In other areas, the land can be flatter but still terraced.


West of Grasse, in cities such as Peymeinade or Spéracèdes, we saw some properties that were also overlooking the Bay of Cannes and others with a view at the Bay of St Tropez.

In general, the size of the properties and the amount of land, has been much larger that what was available closer to the coast. The density of population is also smaller and often these properties benefited not only with a sea view but also a view at beautiful, almost uninhabited hills with a rich green vegetation.


This part of the region is still within an acceptable distance from the beaches, and although visiting Menton may seem like a day trip, Cannes and Antibes are perfectly good choices.

The beautiful inland villages of Mougins, Biot or St Paul de Vence have plenty to offer and are within close proximity. Moreover, being in this part of the region, gives a better access to other stunning areas, such as St Cassien Lake and its vivid blue water.


So, let yourself imagine having a view at the Bay of Cannes from your bedroom and enjoy this feeling of luxury and incredible achievement as if the view belong only to you. Of course, if you need any help with a property project in the region or if you are looking for one, we would love to hear from you.


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