13 Client Supply Items – Garden / Terrace


If you own a house or a ground floor apartment, most probably after extending and/or refurbishing your property, you will need to think about garden design on 13 Client Supply Items – Garden / Terrace.

Depending on the size and the location of your outside space (front, rear, side), you will have a variety of choices to make. 




Many Clients ask now for a paved rear terrace – accessible from the kitchen, living or dining room.  You could choose to have decking, tiles or stone slabs, in various shapes and sizes. 

Some homeowners like to have the same, or at least very similar, tiles used inside as well as outside in order to these areas together even more.



It is beneficial to design terraces as part of a whole project, in order to achieve a level as close as possible to the internal level. The other important thing to consider is drainage.  Your architect and builder can advise on necessary drainage, usually in the form of a channel drain alongside the rear of the building.



If you have a garden at the back, it is worth thinking during the building works about what you plan to have there.  If the levels are changed, or you want to remove large amounts of earth, it is much easier to have this done by the builders right at the beginning of the job.



The next thought goes towards your privacy and fences.  Whatever you change here, please remember to speak to your neighbour.  You are allowed to build a new fence or party fence wall with timber fencing/a trellis up to a height of 2 meters from your garden level without planning permission – this should be sufficient in most cases. 



At the front of your property, you may need to think about some or all of the following items: 

  • gates – for your car and pedestrians, 
  • a possibility of a front porch, 
  • new paving, 
  • a nice bin enclosure,
  • landscaping and 
  • lighting.


Having an outside space may also give an opportunity to build a storage shed or an outbuilding to be used as an office, a playroom or a guest bedroom.


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