13 client Supply Items – Blinds, curtains and shutters


These items can easily be fitted at the end of a construction project – 13 client Supply Items – Blinds, curtains and shutters. The only consideration is if they need to have a niche in the ceiling – in a more contemporary design – or to avoid a visible pelmet cover; and if they are electric, as they will need provision for this installed during the electrical first fix stage of a project.



There are various window and door treatments to improve privacy, create a blackout effect, and of course add softer decoration to the overall look and feel of a space.



If your room is traditional, you can choose from a whole wide spectrum of available types of roller and Roman blinds, sheer curtains, decorative or blackout curtains. And let’s not forget internal or external decorative timber, security roller shutters or blinds as well.



Blinds can be retracted into a custom-made ceiling niche, or a decorative fabric pelmet cover can conceal their existence.



Curtains can be fixed to concealed or visible tracks, or sit on a pole. It is recommended that if you would like to draw them and expose the window or door behind them, there should be at least 500mm space either side of the window or door. They can be manually or electrically operated. All of these dimensions depend largely on the type and thickness of the fabric used.



The choice of fabrics is immense – ranging from plain colours in almost see-through styles to darker, heavier fabrics to create a near or complete blackout effect. You can choose from various motifs and patterns. Most suppliers will have their own pattern ranges, which have been tried and tested for specific applications, but it is possible to have your own bespoke fabrics too.


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