13 Client Supply Items – Pendants, spots and shades


This is by far the most fun part – for us at least! Apart from the final paint colours and the joinery, this category gives the most amount of character to your rooms; the quality and style you choose can greatly improve how each space looks. 13 Client Supply Items – Pendants, spots and shades



It is your chance to play with how room lighting will be controlled.  As an example, you can ask your electrician to have the central decorative pendant light connected to one switch, and to have a second one for spot lights.  Then, perhaps even you would like to turn on any decorative, so-called 5 amp, lamps via a wall switch, as opposed to having them plugged into sockets with an on/off cables.



When choosing bulbs, think of energy-efficient LED lights. They may be still slightly more expensive, but they last much longer and use a lot less energy (They are also more eco-friendly in their manufacturing.).



Spot lights

In terms of spot lights, it literally pays not to choose the cheapest fittings.  We understand budget constraints, of course, but spot lights have gotten their bad reputation from their cheapest counterparts, which were very often chosen and overused.

The best option are dimmable spotlight, as this will help to avoid having to purchase an additional dimmer.  We also recommend choosing a so called plaster in version, where there is no white or metallic rim around the spot light.  This creates a very aesthetic and design look.



A traditional interior usually demands traditional lighting – low hanging pendants and chandeliers over your dining table, for example. 13 Client Supply Items – Pendants, spots and shades

However, do not be afraid to think outside the box and look at other options, which may follow the design but be from a completely different era.



You can also swap the usual table lamps on your bedside table for a more inventive pendant in the same location – think of the possibilities! 13 Client Supply Items – Pendants, spots and shades


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