13 Client Supply Items – Joinery and Furniture


Although the kitchen, which we discussed in Part 1, is also part of this group of items, here I am referring to wardrobes and other storage units, beds and bedside tables, desks and chairs, window-seats, sofas, dressing-tables, vanity units, your stairs to the loft and generally anything made of wood, apart from flooring.13 Client Supply Items – Joinery and Furniture

While these are some of the last items you will fit, it is advisable to plan for them well in advance, ideally at tender stage.



Broadly speaking, there are two categories you need to think about – off-the-shelf or bespoke joinery and furniture. The former is often less expensive, but you are limited to what is already made and available to purchase, whereas with the latter your imagination and budget are only limited by what can physically be made. 13 Client Supply Items – Joinery and Furniture



Your builder will often have a team of joiners who can make all of these, to the exact dimensions and style you like.

There are many considerations within this category. We often recommend spending more on the kitchen and living room or master suite joinery, and less on other rooms.



There is also a smart approach, as we like to call it. This means that we form the rooms and enclosures for your joinery in such a way that off-the-shelf items will fit so perfectly that they will look as if you paid more for them. 13 Client Supply Items – Joinery and Furniture


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