13 Client Supply Items – Internal doors and ironmongery


I wanted to discuss these in a separate topic, even though they are part of the joinery group of items, as they are of course very important and sometimes you do not need any other joinery made.

There are a lot of internal doors to choose from nowadays, the basic groups are single and double doors, which can be hinged or sliding, and also used as fire doors in some cases.



Several online stores offer good quality doors in a variety of designs, complete with door lining, architraves and skirting, locks and handles. Don’t forget about doorstops as well, they can be floor or skirting-mounted and very discreet looking.



The key to making a door ‘fire rated’ (the technical term is FD30) is that the door, and its hinges, needs to be fire resistant for at least 30 minutes. Fire regulations say that any new doors fronting onto an escape route or to the kitchen need to be fire rated.

Bathroom doors are excluded, but to maintain the same ‘look’ of a door, it’s sometimes easier to choose a fire door for these locations as well. For details, please speak to your architect or building control officer.



Ironmongery – handles and doorknobs, hinges and locks – come in a variety of styles and finishes, much like sanitary ware or electrical second fix items.

It is helpful to be able to touch and feel a handle before ordering it, to check if it feels right in your hand, as you will be using it a lot.

More traditional properties are often fitted with doorknobs, and can have various decorations as well.


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