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This is by far the most important and personal decision you will need to make. It is the heart of your home, and the place where you and your family, and friends, will most likely spend the majority of time. If it is going to be located in a new extension you’re planning on building, it should be designed at the same time as this new space ( Here is more about the Design Process).

We recommend before you delve into the details of how your kitchen looks, you explore various layout options to decide where the kitchen should be located and how it is planned out. Once these formalities are done, you can start the fun part!



Choosing a kitchen usually starts by taking into account these three factors:

  1. Size / Type
  2. Style
  3. Budget

The first factor is the most important, as everything else will stem from this.

As for the style, this will most likely be connected to the overall design of the whole floor or new extension. In many cases the style of the kitchen is one of the first things you will have chosen and it will in turn determine if the floor area look is traditional or contemporary.



Traditional kitchens can range from the popular ‘shaker style’ to more detailed fronts, with decorative mouldings and more elaborate panels. While contemporary kitchens have clean lines, minimalist fronts, usually no handles, and glossy or semi-glossy fronts that make them look clean, simple and blend into the background.



Last, but not least, to take into account is the budget. This depends on a combination of the size, style and finish of the kitchen. Traditional kitchens may be more expensive than contemporary, as there is more detail. However, very contemporary glossy kitchens can be just as expensive as you pay for the style and expertise of the supplier to reduce the amount of detail and ‘lines’ into a slick and cool piece of art. It is difficult to give general suggestions here – these are best discussed with your architect and kitchen supplier.


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